Sleepytime Secrets Affiliate Program

"Sleepytime Secrets: Making Bedtime a Breeze! " is a high-quality product that is very well-priced compared to other similar products in the market.

Not only that but Sleepytime Secrets is one of the highest paying, highest converting, top earning affiliate programs on Clickbank (our affiliate management provider)! It is priced right and completely sells itself!

What's more...Sleepytime Secrets will pay you 75% for every download sale referred! Now you can make the easiest sales of your life with our best converting design ever!

If you have a Baby orientated website then Sleepytime Secrets can provide you with additional income at no cost to yourself! All you have to do is put a link to Sleepytime Secrets on your website with the special affiliate url that Clickbank supplies (read more about Clickbank below).

Even if you don't have a website you can still promote Sleepytime Secrets using PPC search engines!

How Much Will You Make?

The possibilities are endless! You make an industry leading 75% on download sales. No other Baby Product gives you a higher percentage. Check it out for yourself!

You will get paid twice a month by Clickbank.

For each sale you earn: 75%
Sleepytime Secrets sells for $29.95?
YOU get 75% = $22.46 for each sale!

(Please note sale price may change due to market testing).

Sales per day
Monthly income
Yearly income


Site conversion is what counts in the affiliate marketing business and Sleepytime Secrets is the highest converting sleeping products... period!

After all what good is a site that charges $50, but pays a lower commission and doesn't convert half as well as Sleepytime Secrets??

We have set our prices and percentages so that affiliates make the most amount of money through conversions, conversions, conversions! Try it and see!

3 Reasons Why You Should Promote Sleepytime Secrets

1:  Sleepytime Secrets is a quality product that delivers results. You can rest easy knowing that our customers are getting great value for money, especially when you see what other big name companies are selling their products for...

2:  Our refund rate has never exceeded 1%! And it is just about certain that most of them are the unscrupulous and dishonest people who take advantage of our money-back guarantee. Our refund rate amongst honest customers would be even lower.

3:  Sleepytime Secrets only uses Clickbank for download orders, which means that you get 100% of all your sales!

Who Pays You? Clickbank!

Clickbank is the most trusted 3rd party affiliate program on the internet! To find out more about Clickbank, click here.

Checks come TWICE A MONTH (1st and the 15th) and are always on time.

If you don't have a Clickbank ID, sign up here! It takes about 1 minute and is FREE!

Once you have a Clickbank ID (Username), send your traffic to:

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Select Sales Page to Promote:

If you don't have a website a great place to start learning how to drive traffic to Sleepytime Secrets is the fantastic, easy to understand e-book "Google Cash" by Chris Carpenter. If you are serious about making money on line, you need to read this book!

If you have any questions about the Sleepytime Secrets affiliate program then please contact us using the Support form!

Thank you.

Janet Brownlee and the Sleepytime Secrets team.

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